visual identity
Ulterior, exhibition by Master of Interior Architecture: Research + Design (Piet Zwart Institute) during Dutch Design Week 2018

Exhibition design with NOMAN studio


show description

Ulterior is an exhibition that presents elephants, bots, a kissing booth and totem, VR travel, Gitanas and other objets de désir, engaging with modern-day ulterior tendencies. Via a carousel of lens, the exhibition explores a mix of current ideas, gently inspired by the often-misinterpreted expression ulterior motive.

When novelist Georges Perec studies "the spaces we live" in Species of Spaces and Other Pieces, he observes with verve the familiar in our everyday as more than ordinary. Perec looks at unconventional ways of seeing, while sharing insights on spatial realities that we often don't see or take for granted. He magnifies our understanding of space. Today, the space we inhabit is multifarious and continues to shift as our cultural moment calls for novel strategies of comprehension.

Ulterior invites visitors on an effervescent spatial-trip to explore new positions on everyday modern life. The projects in the exhibition are presented as an assemblage of autonomous and collective elements that voice contemporary questions. The participating designers examine topics such as personal space, human-centered technology, ethnic rituals, governing institutions, simulated environments, ecological toxins, and digital bugs. (text MIARD)